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02 Apr 2007

I'm so late to post it here, that it's probably no news to any Linda E's fan by now... On 10th April, L'Oréal Paris have announced that they were thrilled to welcome Lindaamong their international Ambassadresses. :smile:

This news is so unexpected and obvious at the same time! After so many years in the fashion world, the megamodel expands even more her versatile repertoire. And who better than Linda can help develop further the 'fashion' facet of the brand? As Youcef Nabi, International Managing Director of L'Oréal Paris, puts it: "Linda is a real chameleon; she knows exactly how to reinvent her look making her a real inspiration for women and magazine covers a tremendous success. Aside from such beauty appreciated amongst thousands, I thought it was important to have a face that exuded 'fashion' beside the most renowned cinematic actresses."

I can't wait to see the pictures! To give you an appetite, I found this old Linda's ad for L'Oréal Paris from 1992 - it's not Linda's new ad to come... It might be confusing, but another brand would have been unsuitable :tongue:

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