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“The extremely iconic global beautiful individual of all times.”

"The reason she's a favorite, is that she's a brave, creative woman who is totally open-minded about what you're trying to do. She helps you bring out your own creativity."
Mary Greenwell (Vogue UK)

"With her there is such a devotion to the job. She's creative, artistic, original. We always think together, sometimes suffer together, to get the best picture. I feel I could work with her for six months and it would never be boring."
Peter Lindbergh (Vogue UK)

"C'est (Linda) une faiseuse d'images. Elle se projette, sans jamais se mettre à la place du photographe."
Dominique Issermann, French Elle, 2003

"When she was very young she was too cute. She found her style later and worked on it as no other model has. Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer got things easily. Linda had to fight and I like fighters - even if it gives the reputation of not being so nice. Who cares? I have the same reputation in mu filed but I am not sure that I worked so hard as Linda."
Karl Lagerfeld, (Vogue UK)

John Galliano

"To the kids in my salon, the ones that are from nineteen to 25, Linda’s the icon. It's like Oh, God, Linda Evangelista's coming in. Did you ever meet her? She's like their big movie star. She's their dream."
John Galliano

"Evangelista has an obvious love of language, and she employs certain words - in both French and English - with skill and a healthy sense of irony. At times she can be very, very funny."
Jonathan Van Meter

"Perhaps its the name Evangelista that encourages so much zealous crusading on her behalf. Fashion people, not always given to effusive, unadulterated praise, become dizzy with near-religious adoration when they try to explain the special mystery and magic of Linda."
Jonathan Van Meter

"I once vainly asked her to consider coming to work for Vogue as a fashion editor, since her knowledge of style and image-making is boundless. She's also much loved by the industry. Should Linda ever decide to quit modeling for good, my offer still stands."
Anna Wintour

"She is a fashion icon. She knows herself so well, it's as if she's looking at herself through the camera and moving accordingly."
Michael Thompson

“Linda Evangelista is always beautiful, even when she's screaming. She'll have her mouth open, her nose crinkled up, and she looks gorgeous.”
Tyra Banks

"There is not another model as professional as she is."
Karl Lagerfeld

“To many, myself included, Linda Evangelista was (still is and always will remain) a revelation in the fickle worlds of fashion and modeling. But with her rare beauty, style, intelligence, professionalism, and humanity, Linda won our hearts. Everyone wanted to either know or look like Ms. Evangelista – and who wouldn’t? I first worked with Linda in the early nineties and have yet to meet another model who was more involved in every aspect of her work. Her specialties were knowing what was best for her hair, makeup, styling, and lighting – and Linda was always right. It was mind-boggling. Many of the unforgettable images of this haunting beauty were, in great degree, due to her involvement.”
Kevin Aucoin

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"She's legendary. There's not going to be many like her, ever."

Steven Miesel