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Holt Renfrew

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on 21 September 2017 by

This month Linda is back on the cover of a fashion magazine : Holt Renfrew ! This Canadian based store has reunited Linda with Carolyn Murphy and Liya Kebede for its biannual edition. Inside the magazine, Linda reports on latest Erasa news. It's been a long time Linda wasn't featured on the cover of a magazine. Enjoy !

Happy new year

on 01 February 2017 by is wishing to all its visitors, old and new, all the best for 2017 !

To celebrate this new year, we are progressively restoring pictures that were lost in the migration of the site from the "Candids" gallery. There are Chanel jackets, Versace dresses, Anna Sui hair accessories and of course a lot of Linda in memorable catwalk appearances and outfits. 

Artistic vision

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on 20 December 2016 by

You might have seen a small version of these portraits in a 1992 issue of American Vogue. With this diptych published in Karl Lagerfeld's book "Parcours de travail", they gets almost a spiritual proportion. Expressionist painter Andrej von Jawlensky is Karl Lagerfeld's inspiration and the technique, that looks like a polaroïd transfer, is perfect to go from vision to flesh. Make-up is by Stéphane Marais. 

Erasa XEP30

on 07 December 2016 by

ERASA XEP30 - Behind this enigmatic name hides an apparently amazing skincare. Linda Evangelista tells NY mag that she found this product so efficient that she wanted to meet its makers. You might remember that in 2009 Linda has already contributed to the creation of a make-up line for L'Oréal - STUDIO Secrets Professional - and has provided advice and recommendations. Here her involvment goes even further : she tells she visits the lab weekly and is the company first tester. There is a business side to this skincare story also as Linda has joined ERASA Skincare as Vice President and Creative Director. Not to mention she is featured in the new campaign and totally endorses the product. Good luck in this new venture to Linda !  ERASA is a skincare startup created only 1 year and half ago and Linda's a great asset to help it grow. 

Hear the World

on 04 December 2016 by

Linda Evangelista has recently brought her support the Hear the World fundation. Along with other celebrities from fashion or music world, she is featured in their 2017 calendar. Other ambassadors include : Cindy Crawford, Mads Mikkelsen, John Boyega, Roger Daltrey, Juan Diego Flórez, Jake Bugg, Eliot Sumner, Jeanne Damas, Lottie Moss, Angela Lindvall und Imogen Waterhouse. They have all been portrayed by musician and photographer Bryan Adams in the pose for conscious hearing. Captured with their hands behind their ear, they help raise awareness for the importance of good hearing as well as the consequences of hearing loss. If you would like to support the cause as well and get Linda's black & white portrait by Bryan Adams, you can purchase Hear the Wolrd limited edition calendar here. Linda's featured in April. Will you be patient to display it in 5 months only ? ;-) 

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